Fund-raising: the VAT tangle
VAT is the most complex of the taxes that a company will have to deal with. And when you add in charitable activities, it adds a whole other layer to the complexity!
Alphabet soup!
To the uninitiated the multitude of letters after accountants’ names can be confusing, so here’s a brief look at what they all mean.
Is HMRC doing your head in?
It’s that time of year when people find HMRC are frustrating to deal with. Automated letters sent in error, inexplicable demands, hours spent on the phone trying to find out what’s going on - so what IS going on?
Want to sell your business?
Most small business owners don’t consider selling their business, mainly because when you’re a very small business the business is you and people buy you. But when the business grows, has staff and systems and no longer need the owner going to bat for the business they can become saleable.
Charity begins at home
The end of the tax year is not far off. That means it’s a good time to start thinking about topping up pension contributions, making charitable donations and topping up ISAs to reduce your tax liabilities.
Have job; will travel!
Now many of the restrictions to travel are lifting, everyone seems to be booking holidays. However, a holiday is not the only reason people travel, business travel is now less hassle and the sales force is back on the road (or in the air).
The name of the game is ...
As Facebook has now rebranded as Meta - encompassing all the platforms they now own (Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp) and Sky have launched their intelligent TV, you could be eagerly looking forward to more innovation. However, technology isn’t dashing ahead as quickly as has been predicted.
Tax is not a secret!
Anyone who runs a business knows that they have to pay tax. This includes VAT (if the company is registered), Corporation Tax (for limited companies), PAYE for businesses with staff and, of course, personal tax.
Take a break
The events of the last couple of years have focused a spotlight on mental health.
‘Tis the season of goodwill ...
The festive season seems to have started early with decorations everywhere and many people started in November as a reaction to the virtual non-event of Christmas 2020.
Time to go green
With COP26 in the headlines, the world leaders have been discussing how governments can address the damage humans are doing to the planet.
What does it all mean?
Now the dust has settled and everyone has had time to review the hundreds of pages of information and work out what it all really means, here’s our take on it.

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