Tax rates & allowances

Personal tax rates and allowances are generally set for income tax years running to 5 April. Corporate rates and allowances are set for financial years running to 31 March.

Capital allowances

Plant and machinery allowances and the allowances available for other assets.

Capital gains tax

Standard and higher rates of capital gains tax (CGT) together with the annual exemption. The special rate of CGT and the limit applying for entrepreneurs’ relief purposes.

Child benefit

Weekly amounts of child / working tax credits and child benefit.

Corporation tax

Companies pay corporation tax on their income and gains. View the current rates and estimate the tax due.

Income tax

Estimate your personal income tax liability using the current rates. View the current rates here.

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

The annual ISA investment limits.

Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax rates and allowances.

Minimum wage

Statutory minimum wage levels.

National insurance

Earnings thresholds and contribution percentages for Class 1 (employed), Class 2 and 4 (self-employed) and Class 3 (voluntary) national insurance contributions.


Details of the amounts of tax relievable pension contributions for individuals and employers.

Stamp duty & land taxes

The current percentages of stamp duty and the various UK property/land transaction taxes.

Statutory pay

Current weekly amounts.

Tax reliefs for individuals


Value added tax

The current VAT percentages and the annual registration and deregistration thresholds.


Calculate the taxable benefit using the relevant tables for employer provided cars, vans and related fuel.

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