With offices in Hertford and Bishops Stortford, our Chartered Accountants provide financial audits to businesses across Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. We understand the critical role audits play in presenting a true and fair view of your financial position, essential for management decisions and stakeholder engagements.

Statutory Audits

Limited companies may be required by law to undergo an audit, especially if they exceed certain thresholds in turnover, assets, or employee numbers. Our statutory audit service is not merely a compliance exercise; it offers invaluable insights into your business, enabling you to fine-tune operations and maximise profits.

Non-Statutory Audits

For businesses not legally mandated to have an audit, choosing to undertake one can still provide significant benefits. Non-statutory audits can satisfy financial partners, such as banks and credit insurers, and add value to your business, particularly in scenarios like corporate sale negotiations.

Our audit services provide:

  • An accurate assessment of your financial position.
  • Identification and advice on potential areas of weakness, with suggested remedial actions.
  • Professional documentation to support financial discussions and negotiations.
  • Assurance of compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Credible, quality-assured accounts, professionally tested for accuracy and reliability.

Adding Value to Your Business

At Cook & Partners, our auditors do more than just review your financial records. We delve into your financial operations, suggest improvements and best practices, and help you identify and control business risks. Our audits provide confidence in your company and adapt to the evolving corporate reporting environment, addressing both financial and non-financial information.

Require more information?

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